The Rogues Gallery

I thought I’d create this little page to identify the cast of characters and other things that might be referenced.  My own little WIKI if you will.  Real names not used – there are liability issues and lawyers are hungry these days.

Flyboy – my boyfriend of 7 years.  May not be mentioned much because I’d like him to be my boyfriend of 8 years.  He can pretty much do everything very well and would be insufferable if he wasn’t incredibly funny and makes the best biscuits and gravy above the Mason-Dixon line.

Offspring – my 22-year-old son.  He has a job, for which I’m grateful.   VERY grateful.

The Deuce – a/k/a The Blogmocracy – a conservative message board where I post under a completely different name than “the barbarian,” primarily because that nic is familiar to the netizens there – started by former members of another blog, which brings me to —

The Enchanted Kingdom – formerly an anti-idiotarian blog, run by a now born-again libturd.  I won’t say which one, because I’m getting a sense of schadenfreude watching his traffic numbers die.  The Blog Master was continually telling his conservative posters who disagreed with him to either “bite me” or “get your own blog”  and then became psychotic when they did.  Of course, the fact that we continue to poke him and his minions with a pointy stick in our overnight thread probably doesn’t ameliorate in his discomfort.

Speranza – my bestest ever blog friend.   Do not get in an argument with him about history.  You will lose.  Like a bad blackjack player.  In Vegas.  And Joe Pesci is the bouncer.


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  1. Welcome aboard BATG!

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