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Here’s a place to click to join the Blogmocracy Radio show.  Worthwhile


Well, what the heck

•April 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

What was the old saying?  Opinions are like a_______s – everybody has one.  Now it appears that all you need to do is replace “opinions” with “blogs” and you have the current state of cyberspace.  And, so, having been actually called an a____ more than a few times in my life, mostly by drivers making illegal lane changes, I figure it’s time for a blog of my own.

As the chick in “Julie & Julia” said — “I could start a blog.  I have thoughts.”  Well, yeah, most of us do, but whether or not they’re worthy of publication remains to be seen.

So, let’s start out slowly here.  About me:  Conservative (mostly, I have some social liberal bona fides), Mom (and I adore my son, although how he got to 22 without my needing to bury his body in the back yard is a testament to modern pharmacology), newly-minted golfer (and when I have a tee time, the golf course immediately starts nailing the “hard hat area” signs to the trees as a public service),  NRA member and gun owner (because, as the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away), and unabashed supporter of our American Military.  Also, if you’re a fire-fighter or a cop and I catch you off duty, you’re being dragged to the nearest sports bar so I have the chance to buy you a beer. 

I realize this isn’t saying much for a first post, but we can’t all wax rhapsodic.  If you’re reading this, thanks, and come back soon because really, I do.  Have thoughts.